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Add summer.jpg's glasses to any image.

About a year ago today I was chatting with some friends in 6529's OM Discord about how cool it would be to easily add these glasses to any image. They are one of the great inventions of XCOPY in his iconic summer.jpg.

summer.jpg by XCOPY

This work was released in the midst of NFT mania in the summer of 2021, and is the pinnacle embodiment of the fun โ€” and excess (note, the WAGMI champagne) โ€” occurring at that time.

The work was an instant hit among collectors, and the bidding reached a fever pitch as 6529 and rookiexbt swapped one eye popping bid after another in the final minutes of the auction, until 6529 secured it with a mind melting memetic bid of 336.529 ETH (~ $1 million USD).

Exactly a year after minting summer.jpg, XCOPY announced that he was putting all of his works into the public domain via the CC0 license, enabling anyone and everyone to use/copy/make derivatives of the works in any way they see fit.

That decision enabled all kinds of fun (including the inspiration for my own PFP), and specifically enabled NeonGlitch86 and 6529er to create "Meet Summer Glasses" as Meme Card number 35 in the Memes by 6529 collection. That release included several media assets, including a great, smooth, 2D version of the glasses that frankly just looked fantastic when you slapped them on just about anybody. More than just looking good though, they are a celebration of the best parts of the NFT space โ€” fun, renewal, openness, composability. We wanted to make it easy for people to join that vibe.

But doing it took a bit of familiarity with image editing. We wanted to open the ability to do it to everybody, in the same way the Nouns community had done with Nounify (now unfortunately offline), and to be able to quickly modify the colors of the glasses. It wasn't long before this conversation that ChatGPT was first released, and I thought: well let's see how good this AI really is. So I used it to create a website for Meet Summer Glasses in about a week:

The new Summerfy tool!

You can feel free to jump right into playing around with it right here. Or you can take a look at some of these fun creations from launch:

Have fun, and welcome back to summer โŒ๐Ÿ†‡-๐Ÿ†‡!

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